Welcome to our Hispanic Catholic Community

Iglesia Católica San Juan Bautista is the only Hispanic parish in the Diocese of Harrisburg, dedicated particularly to the spiritual and temporal needs of Hispanics in the County of Lancaster. On June 24, 2014 we began our 12th year as an official Hispanic parish, but our roots at San Juan Bautista are 25 years in the growing.

We are proud of our Catholic faith and our Hispanic culture, both of which enrich our lives and empower us to be faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. We welcome all to our parish community to be touched by the Lord's love through the cariño of our parishioners and to know the Lord Jesus more personally, love him more fully and serve him more faithfully through our Catholic Faith.

~ Fr. Allan F. Wolfe

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Parish Photo Directory
San Juan Bautista invites ALL our parishioners to sign up for a photo session for their family as part of our new Parish Photo Directory.